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Country singer Granger Smith shares continuing grief after tragic death of son, 3

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Country music star Granger Smith has candidly discussed the continuing grief he and his wife Amber have following the death of their toddler son who drowned in their family pool.

The 40-year-old American singer and his 30-year-old wife saw their lives shattered last year when three-year-old son River died.

Tragedy struck i June 2019 when Granger was outside with his three children while Amber was in the shower, and River slipped into the family swimming pool while dad Granger turned his attention to eight-year-old daughter London who was demonstrating her gymnastics skills.

Despite being rushed to hospital and medics making best efforts to save him, River died two days later.

Granger Smith has shared his continued grief over the death of his son

Speaking to People magazine, Granger explained he can’t yet forgive himself.

He said: “I feel like I’ve died. It’s not a bad thing that that ‘me’ died. In fact, I think it’s all good. It’s only good.

He continued: “I feel wiser. I feel more in tune spiritually. I feel more aware of our present moment and the value in the present moment, the value in the current breath that we have.”

Granger with wife, Amber, and children London, River, and Lincoln

Reflecting on the disaster, he went on: “My brain is not capable of calculating that magnitude of a loss, and then I have to realize that I don’t have to.”

He added: “I can lean on a higher power for that and know that my little boy is in a better place.”

Granger went on to confess: “I know that there’s going to be a time when I’m going to forgive myself, but I’m not there yet.”

Meanwhile wife Amber said: “I don’t know if we ever truly will be able to forgive ourselves. I pray that we can. I hope we can.”

Granger and Amber have been devastated by the death of their son

Granger and Amber fear they will never forgive themselves over River’s death

The couple faced the difficult decision to turn off life support after River was in hospital for two days – and donated organs from his body to help save the lives of others.

Granger and Amber married in February 2010 after meeting on the set of one of the singer’s music videos.

As well as their daughter, London, and late son River, the pair have a second son named Lincoln, who is six-years-old.


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